Subsurface Field Technician
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  Subsurface Field Technician – DAYTON, OHIO Position Overview The essential job function is to assist Crew Chief in all phases of subsurface exploration operations. Key Responsibilities Home Operations • Maintain and repair Drill Rigs and support vehicles (to ODOT and MSHA standards) • Consult with Crew Chief to determine the material and tooling needs for next project • Stock and load supplies for shop/projects • Practice DOT load securement • Clean and maintain shop/garage • Maintain Class B CDL • Maintain DOT physical clearance/Medical card • Maintain a good driving record • Maintain 40-hr OSHA and MSHA Certifications • Maintain CPR and First Aid Certifications • Maintain Project Specific training (DuPont, BP Chemical, etc.) Field Operations • Assure all work is conducted in a safe, professional manner • Perform pre trip and post trip inspection of vehicles prior to and after use • Transport, operate, and maintain drilling equipment and support vehicles on job sites (to DOT and MSHA standards if applicable) • Operate rental equipment as needed for projects (bulldozers, backhoes, skid steers, telehandlers, etc.) • Assist Crew Chief on the rig at job sites • Locate borings and assist with elevations • Fill and/or backfill holes and patch borings • Collect and identify field samples for Geotechnical and Engineering projects and underground aggregate investigations • Perform well installations, water readings, and well development • Learn to describe soil and rock for field logging purposes • Prepare/write boring logs and well logs • Decontaminate equipment as needed • Perform other duties as assigned Education and Experience • High school diploma or equivalency • 1-2 years experience in subsurface exploration, geotechnical services or construction Skills and Abilities • Ability to understand and follow safety/security practices Reporting Relationships • Manager – Subsurface Exploration Services • Operations Supervisor – Subsurface Exploration Services • Crew Chief – Subsurface Exploration Services Physical Requirements Physical Ability • Stand, walk, push, pull, twist, reach overhead, bending, crawling, climbing; lift minimum of 80 pounds Visual Ability • Visual accommodation necessary for reading instructions/materials necessary to perform functions of job Hearing Ability • Ability to monitor sounds for changes in machine function Work Conditions • Work exposes the employee to traffic hazards and the hazards of construction sites including dangers of moving heavy equipment, inclement weather conditions, and high noise levels.
  Bowser-Morner INC.
  4518 Taylorsville Rd.
  Dayton OH 45401
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