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Parent Access   Parents and students please be advised that Ohio House Bill 410 has changed the way that schools are required to track tardies and attendance. Please click HERE for a detailed description of how House Bill 410 has changed both attendance tracking and notifications at Upper Valley Career Center.

Upper Valley Career Center is pleased to bring you Parent Access. This secure system means no more waiting for 9-week or semester grade reports. Upper Valley Career Center instructors enter grade and attendance information into their electronic gradebook and Progress Book's Parent Access formats the data for convenient viewing at any time, day or night.

Did you know that Parent Access, because of its "mobile-first" design, can be accessed on any mobile device much like an app?
Click Here for step-by-step Android and iOS instructions.

Please keep in mind that Parent Access is meant to be used only as a communication tools. No grades are permanent until the grade card is printed. Grades shown in the Parent Access do not take into account point reductions due to tardies and/or absences. Both tardies and excessive absences will impact your student's grades negatively.

Since grades and attendance are constantly changing, at any given moment there may be outstanding assignments or attendance marks which have not yet been recorded in the electronic gradebook. Career Center Instructors are required to have their gradebook up-to-date every Wednesday at midnight.

If you have any questions or need any assistance using the Parent Access you are encouraged to click on the Frequently Asked Questions link located at the bottom of this page. If you cannot find your answer on the Frequently Asked Questions page(s), please email your question(s) to Please allow up to 3 business days for a response

If you have specific questions concerning grades or attendance marks please encourage your student to first speak with their teacher. If this does not resolve the issue, feel free to contact the teacher via voicemail oe email regarding your question(s).

After you successfully login to the Parent Access system you will be able to view various information such as:

Homework - Displays a list of assignments

Schedule - Displays a listing of instructors and their email address

Attendance - Displays daily and period attendance

Assignments - Displays the last three (3) assignments for the chosen class, the student's average, and date grades were last updated. Clicking "All Assignments" shows all class assignments and grades for the chosen class.

My Account - Allows you to set up your email address and subscribe to email alerts regarding your student's progress. Upper Valley Career Center allows you to set alerts for missing or low assignment marks.

Email Alerts - You may subscribe to receive email alerts for missing or low assignment marks. In the "Manage Alerts" section of the "My Account" tab, select the checkbox next to the alert(s) you want to receive. Select Change Settings to set thresholds for low assignment marks.

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